Lentil & Aubergine Curry

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A good spicy curry is one of those meals I love all year round – they're the perfect belly warmer in the winter and just as delicious when eaten outside in the summer sun, with a warm naan for dipping.

When it comes to Indian food, my taste hasn't always been for all thats hot and fiery. When I was younger, I couldn't hack anything other than a chicken korma (with a glass of milk to wash it down).

However, after some 10+ years of testing my tastebuds, I favour more flavour! Of course, this curry can be made to suit your tastes, but for me, it's got to be hot!

Lentil & Aubergine Curry: serves 4

1 whole aubergine, cubed
1 pepper, chopped
1 red or yellow onion, diced into rounds
1 heaped tsp of easy garlic (substitute for 1 clove, minced)
3 heaped tsp of easy chili
100g of dried red lentils
1 bag of spinach
400ml of vegetable water/stock cube
2 heaped tsp of garam masala
2 tsp of chili powder
1 heaped tsp of turmeric
1 tbsp of oil
1 heaped tbsp of coconut oil (more olive oil is fine too!)


Preheat the oven to 180° on grill. Chop up the aubergine and pepper into regular pieces. Put in an oven tray with a tbsp of olive oil, 2 tsps of chilli powder and 1 heaped tsp of garam masala powder, tossing to coat the veggies in the oil and seasoning. Roast in the oven for 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, rinse the lentils through a sieve. Place the sieve over a mixing bowl and fill with cold water until the lentils are submersed. Leave to soak.

Chop the onion and melt your oil of choice in a pan. I use Aldi's Coco Loco coconut oil – which is only £2.49 for 300ml, compared to Vita Coco which is £6.99 for just 250ml. Put the onions in the hot pan, stirring in the garlic, chilli, other spices and pepper to your taste.

If you are using a stock cube, make it up. I used leftover vegetable water, which I heated up in the microwave. Once your stock is made up, add it to the pan with the lentils.

Bring the pan to a roaring boil, then turn to a simmer and cover. Leave for a few minutes, then add the aubergine and peppers to the pan, adding more spices as you like. Give a stir, then cover again for 2-3 minutes.

Add the spinach to the pan, stir again and cover. You can now turn off the flame – the curry will continue to cook in the hot pan.

This curry is delicious served with rice and a naan, or your favourite Indian snacks; my personal favourite is a couple (or 5!) veggie samosas.

 Not only is it super yummy, but it makes for a good punch of protein and iron from plant-based sources with the lentils and spinach! And, as always, its as kind to your purse as it is to your body: curry tastes even better when it racks in at 70p a serving! Thats a lot cheaper (and probably quicker) than a takeaway...

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